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Meeting Community Needs Through Pro Bono Legal Work

Pro bono work is an important and rewarding part of the Legal profession.  Benison Law values the long and rich tradition of public service that is an integral part of the history, ethics, and operation of the practice of Law. I take our professional obligation as lawyers seriously, with the principle of increasing access to justice for everyone guiding my pro bono efforts. 

Benison Law believes that reasonably priced legal services are an essential element of every attorney's professional responsibility and that attorneys possess unique skills and abilities to serve the disadvantaged and to promote the public interest in ways that no other profession can.

Although I would like to take on every pro bono case that comes in to my office, I only have the ability to assist a limited number of pro bono clients through out the year. I understand that legal bills can quickly become a financial burden and the 'upfront' cost is not possible for every client. What I offer to every client are reasonable retainers and monthly payment plans that best meet their needs.

Sampling of Matters Benison Law offers at a Lower Cost:

  • Custody
  • Child Support
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Foreclosure
  • Criminal Defense / DUI
  • Divorce

Benison Law  recognizes a genuine responsibility to serve our local communities in a meaningful and results-oriented way by providing lower cost legal services to individuals and community-based nonprofit organizations where legal help would otherwise be unavailable. 

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